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Youthful energy, youthful skin, youthful sex drive and youthful vitality never gets old. Frankly, it’s fun to feel young, look young, and act young. So, how do you stay young?

You don’t need to set sail to search for the fountain of youth because a recent medical discovery suggests that it lies within the cells of each of us. For example …

It may now be possible for you to live to age 100 or even longer, in better health
than you are in right now.

And, even if you are already experiencing the ill effects of aging, it may now be
possible for you to look and feel 20 years younger … and stay that way beyond
the age of 100.

The honest-to-God truth is that we have never been as close as we are today to actually being able to extend the quantity – and QUALITY – of human life!

In fact, the chances are that this crucial discovery may allow you to live long enough to take advantage of scientific breakthroughs yet to come. It may even let you extend your life span to 120 healthy, happy years or more, because as you will soon find out, aging is no longer inevitable.

Throw out the medical books …
forget everything you think you know

I’m not going to sugar-coat it. Life can be terribly hard to bear under the threat of sickness, disease, fatigue, pain and immobility associated with old age. That’s why you’ve probably heard it said that, “Old age is not for sissies.”

But I’m also not going to let you just sit back and accept pain, fatigue, illness and disease as “normal” parts of aging. Because thanks to the miracles of modern medicine, you can take a very different road.

“The overall deterioration of the body that comes with growing old is not inevitable.” -– Daniel Rudman, M.D.

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As you are about to learn, the latest research on longevity has proven you can throw out the medical book on aging, turn your back on the nursing home, and take your front porch steps two at a time.

You may also be able to say “so long” to almost every old-age ailment and join thousands of people from 35 to 85 who have left behind that gray, stooped stranger in the mirror to greet a vibrant, youthful person who looks and feels like a million bucks every day!

This new scientific breakthrough lets you unlock the secrets of maximum life extension, regardless of your current age.

So what is this anti-aging miracle? It’s technical name is somatotropin. But it’s more commonly known as hGH (human growth hormone).

And now a new, energized, pain-free life could soon be yours thanks to an exciting new formula called Secretagogue hGH Plus® that may help naturally maximize your body’s own hGH to help you …

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Bolster endurance
  • Supercharge sexual response
  • Melt off fat
  • Restore hair growth
  • Fortify your immune system
  • Improve skin tone

Using Secretagogue hGH Plus® may feel like slicing 20 years off your age without drugs, synthetic hormones, side effects, injections, diets, or Ironman exercises.

Here’s what just a few typical Secretagogue hGH Plus® users say about it:


“With the help of Secretagogue hGH, I feel confident that I’ll live to be 120 - happy, healthy, and useful. My energy level is high. This allows me to climb on the roof to prune my many trees. I also attend college classes two days a week! At 84, I drive everywhere, care for all my own needs, enjoy an active social life and at last my memory is improving!”
E. S., California


“I have been taking Secretagogue hGH for nine months and have already had more energy and am sleeping much better. Each morning I feel more vibrant in my movements. My body is firmer with less flabbiness. After taking this product I feel just great; I call it 'food from the Gods.' I intend to take it for the duration.”
Grace H., Martins, GA


“I have been told that I look younger than my years. My hair retains its natural brown color, I have higher energy levels, skin has improved with less wrinkles. My triglycerides have reduced to normal. The best product I have ever used for the body!”
C. J., Surprise, AZ
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hGH holds the key to the aging process.

Human Growth Hormone (hGH) is perhaps the most important discovery in the history of longevity medicine -- a discovery that you absolutely must know about, particularly if you’re over thirty-five.

Originally, it was thought that human growth hormone was needed only while the body grows, and once maturity is reached, the hormone is no longer necessary.

However, recent studies and research have documented that hGH is vital in virtually all functions of the body, even into old age.

In fact, according to Dr. Richard Marsh, M.D., “Studies indicate hGH deficiency is relevant to health and responsible for early onset of degenerative disease, or even premature death.”

The difficult thing is getting the pituitary to release hGH as we grow older. Once your body reaches maturity, the levels of the released hGH start to diminish to the point where the average person’s hGH levels reduce as much as 80% from age 21 to 61.

Not coincidentally, as the levels of hGH diminish, so do the proper functions of your organs ... and thus, we age.

Why hGH is the ultimate anti-aging medicine?

While all hormones are important, hGH reaches far beyond the scope of any other hormone.

While you sleep, hGH stimulates the growth and maintenance of bone tissue and muscle mass and helps the body repair itself, replacing old cells with fresh ones by using amino acids (the building blocks of protein) to synthesize new molecules and tissues. When sufficient quantities of hGH are released to ensure this nightly repair, the effects of aging are put on hold.

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Not only can hGH prevent biological aging, it can also reverse a broad range of signs and symptoms associated with the aging process. hGH affects every cell in the body and washes away the “disease” of aging. With a steady release of hGH in the body:

  • The immune system is revitalized.
  • Wrinkled skin is restored to youthfulness.
  • Hair color is restored.
  • Sexual vitality is restored.
  • Heart attack and stroke risk factors are diminished.
  • Emphysema patients find their oxygen intake improves.
  • Osteoporosis is prevented.
  • Brain shrinkage is stopped, and that’s just for starters because, there is more...

Are you ready to melt off years of fat?

No problem. According to recent medical research, hGH revs up the metabolism to former highs, reducing the abdomen, hips, waist and thighs while at the same time increasing muscle mass. In 1989, Dr. Franco Salamon in London, England found that hGH dispensed to adults with deficient levels showed an increase in lean body mass by a remarkable 10% and a 7% reduction of body fat.


“I have been taking the Secretagogue hGH for almost three months and I am very satisfied with the results. I have always been a little fat especially in my waist, but now I am no longer fat. I notice a tremendous amount of sexual energy. I am 67 and I feel great. A lot of people say that I look younger. I was almost always depressed, but it is disappearing. My wife is taking the product and she tells me that her waist is returning to her younger form.”
J. Hernandez, San Juan, PR

As a powerful aphrodisiac, hGH restores sexual potency and sexuality in older men by 75%... according to a study conducted by Dr. Chein at Palm Springs Life Extension Institute.

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“I have been taking Secretagogue hGH for 4 months now. I am 61 years old and have noticed the following results. There is less gray in my hair, I have lost 27 lbs and 2 inches off my waist. I also have more sexual drive (according to my lady.) Thank you for introducing me to a great product.”
H. Anderson, Jacksonville, FL

As a mood elevator, hGH restores a youthful sense of well-being and a zest for life along with the deepest levels of sleep.


“In 3 weeks I have noticed a more positive attitude and more energy. The attitude change in itself is worth the price because it just makes life more enjoyable. I walk a lot of stairs for my job and hGH seems to have improved the pain in my knees after only three weeks!”
Greg Hamm, OH


hGH restores youthful skin and hair and helps remove cellulite

Referred to as “Cosmetic Surgery in a Bottle,” hGH helps remove facial wrinkles. Your skin regains thickness and youthful contours, as it becomes more elastic and hydrated. Medical scientists and doctors also report dramatic results in cellulite removal, and hair and nail growth improvement.


Secretagogue hGH has caused new hair growth, as well as a firming up of my face. People cannot believe I am 66-years-old. I look more like 50. I am thrilled with the results of this great product and I plan on continuing. It is a great age reversing product for me. My memory is better too!”
A. M. R., Meridian, ID

hGH and osteoporosis

Adults who are hGH deficient are known to have low bone density. hGH therapy has been shown to have a remarkable effect on the formation of new bone.

According to Dr. Dorman, co-author of Growth Hormone: Reversing Human Aging Naturally, published by Longevity News Network, “With standard therapy as it exists, most medical doctors would not expect to see any measurable increase in bone density in one year, yet increases of 3% to 5% per year are standard of many patients receiving hGH therapy.”

There is no other substance known to medical science that has such a far reaching ability to prevent, and even reverse, the aging process.

According to Dr. Richard Marsh, M.D., one of the world’s foremost longevity experts, “Increasing levels of hGH in an older person is equivalent to giving water to someone who’s dying of thirst.”

That’s exactly what Secretagogue hGH Plus® could do for you!


hGH breakthrough first reported in the New England Journal of Medicine

In 1990, Dr. Daniel Rudman, Director of Geriatric Medicine at the Chicago Medical School University of Health Science, stunned the world by reporting the results of his experiments with Human Growth Hormone in The New England Journal of Medicine.

Over 6 months, he injected hGH into a study group of 12 men (aged 61 to 81) and managed to reverse their biological age by 10 to 20 years.

During that period, Dr. Rudman recorded a reduction of their body fat by an average of 14%. Lean muscle mass increased by almost 9%. Their skin grew measurably thicker and more youthful looking. The men reported more energy and increased sex drive.


A second famous hGH study reveals equally impressive findings

Since Dr. Rudman’s landmark study, thousands more additional studies have been conducted worldwide.

Researchers have documented over and over again that hGH cannot only retard aging but actually reverse the entire aging process from head to toe.

One of the impressive hGH follow-up studies took place at the Palm Springs Life Extension Institute under the direction of Dr. Edmund Chein, M.D. Dr. Chein followed a growth hormone protocol that involved restoring hGH levels with low dose, highly frequent injections.

Using this protocol, Dr. Chein developed a program which has been 100% effective for all of his patients. He guarantees that his patients will experience an increase in bone density of 1.5 to 2.5% every 6 months as well as a loss of 10% body fat and an increase in muscle mass. These processes may continue until the patient attains the body composition of a twenty-five-year-old

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Despite these remarkable results, there was one colossal drawback to hGH injections: they cost about $1000 per month and were out of reach to all except the wealthy.

But then a second discovery in 1997 ushered in the start of what is being referred to as, “the amazing ageless society.”

There is a better, faster, easier, cheaper way to gain the benefits of hGH therapy!

In 1997, Dr. L. E. Dorman made a startling presentation before the American College for the Advancement of Medicine. His findings revealed that hGH production most certainly declines after 30, but there’s an even more rapid decline, which speeds up aging — the body’s ability to release and use the hGH it produces.

His groundbreaking research concluded there was no need to inject hGH into the body. Rather, what was needed was a natural method to release the body’s own natural hGH.

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This is the incredible discovery that lead to the creation of Secretagogue hGH Plus®!

NOT a hormone, but a natural substance
with the potential for better results!

It’s important to understand that a growth hormone releaser (called a secretagogue) does not contain the actual growth hormone itself. A secretagogue is really a catalyst which stimulates the body to secrete its own hormone.

In other words, when you use it, you’re not taking the actual growth hormone. You’re taking a natural nutrient that may help the body release its own growth hormone.

  • These secretagogues are the new miracle workers of longevity medicine.
  • They are powerful, safe, and inexpensive.
  • Secretagogues help release hGH and may even be a better choice than painful injections of hGH — without the side effects or the $1,000-a-month price tag.

“Natural secretagogues may be our best hope for raising hGH in an entirely physiologic manner because of the ability to stimulate the endocrine system to release its own hGH.”
Dr. L. E. Dorman
“In many situations, secretagogues are not only as effective as hGH injection, but also have distinct advantages.”
Richard Marsh, M.D.

Just 6 months to SEE a completely new YOU!

By age 60, more than half of our hGH reserves are already exhausted and so most of us show the signs of the “flab and drag” associated with aging.

By age 60, our get-up-and-go has just about got-up-and-gone.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Millions will continue to hobble down that dreary, aging road, complaining about wear and tear, rising medical bills, always fearful of the next illness poised to strike, but not you. You could have a very different youthful future ahead of you.

Bear in mind, you can’t reverse the ravages of time overnight. But, if you do use Secretagogue hGH Plus® releaser, you could experience some remarkable benefits. And you’d better buckle up for the amazing youthful energy which could come your way over the next two to six months.

  • SLEEP better and gain more energy.
  • ENJOY better sexual performance, decrease body fat without dieting.
  • INCREASE your strength, muscle tone and flexibility and sexual stamina.
  • BOOST your memory, improve skin tone, and help lower cholesterol.
Try Secretagogue hGH Risk-Free!

And reports from users indicate that over the next six months as the amount of hGH in your bloodstream increases, all of the above changes could become increasingly more dramatic and evident to you and your loved ones. Finally, after 6 months, the person you see in the mirror could very well look and feel 20 years younger than you do now.

Why Secretagogue hGH Plus® formula is the most advanced in the world.

“The extraordinary capacity and functionality of this product comes as a result of the highest quality standards from formulation to finish.”
Kathy Nasic, Analytical Science, MS

Secretagogue hGH Plus® is the world’s exclusive proprietary blend of amino acids and precursors, nutrients designed to enhance the body’s natural production of Human Growth Hormone (hGH) and Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1).

Bear in mind that hGH is secreted in very brief pulses during the early hours of sleep and remains in circulation for only a few minutes. hGH is quickly absorbed by the liver and converted to its powerful growth promoting metabolite, Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF-1). In this unique “dynamic duo” combination, increased hGH and increased IGF-1 levels have been shown to:

  • INCREASE muscle mass.
  • SPEED recovery from injury and training.
  • DECREASE body fat.
  • INCREASE immune functions throughout the body.

The Secretagogue hGH Plus® proprietary formula contains a blend of amino acids clinically proven to raise hGH levels. Ingredients include Citrulline, L-glutamine, Glycine, L-lysine, L-tyrosine, Glutamic Acid, L-arginine, GABA (gamma amino butyric acid) and Broad Bean, a natural source of the amino acid L-dopa which helps increase plasma growth factors.

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Two vital anti-aging nutrients you will ONLY find in
Secretagogue hGH Plus® .

Secretagogue hGH Plus® is the only hGH formula that contains ZMA™, a totally unique, anabolic mineral support combination containing zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6 in the exact ratios needed to help the body produce its own hGH. ZMA™has been clinically proven to boost the levels of both Insulin-like Growth Factor 1 (IGF- 1) and free testosterone, plus enhance muscle strength. ZMA™ is designed to fortify the release of the body’s own hGH repair of tissues, anabolic hormone production and muscle growth during peak times when these functions occur.

Another totally unique ingredient to Secretagogue hGH Plus® is Citrulline. Researchers on the cutting edge of anti-aging medicine have identified this compound as the newest, most exciting and powerful hGH releaser…only available in our Secretagogue hGH Plus® formula.

Generated from L-glutamine, citrulline is an important nonessential amino acid that works to detoxify the liver of ammonia. Citrulline production in the liver drops as we age causing a dangerous buildup of ammonia surrounding the tissues. This results in fatigue, inflammation and a weakened immune system. Citrulline is key in increasing the body’s production of nitric oxide.

This helps to lower blood pressure and increase blood flow.

Moreover, Secretagogue hGH Plus® is not just another supplement in a capsule that your body must first break down before it can be absorbed and utilized. Instead, it’s a pleasant tasting fizzy drink you take once a day mixed in 4 ounces of water on an empty stomach for five days. Skip two days and repeat the cycle.

This unique, proprietary “effervescence” formulation of Secretagogue hGH Plus® leads to a much faster assimilation in the body. That means you SEE and FEEL results faster.

According to Dr. Dorman, “the study on L-glutamine that produced the most significant elevation in hGH, administered the amino acid in a carbonated drink solution.”

It truly is the one drink you’ll look forward to most because of how you could begin to feel within a few days or weeks.

(But it’s important to remember that the most startling changes and youthful results should occur over 6 months!) By delivering its nutrients in this easy-to-absorb effervescent fashion, Secretagogue hGH Plus® helps your body maximize the benefits of those nutrients immediately and completely.

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Now you can join thousands whose lives are being rejuvenated …
at a tiny fraction of injection cost!

Best of all, Secretagogue hGH Plus® costs a tiny fraction of hGH injections—and thousands of people, from age 35 to 90, have experienced a vital new lease on life which they never dreamed possible before using the product.


“I think it is about time I am writing to you to let you know just how wonderful this Secretagogue hGH is making me feel. Some five months ago I received your newsletter. Most times I throw this type of literature into the trash can without giving it a second thought, but for some reason I started to read this one and couldn’t stop reading until I had read the entire journal. My good impression of this journal prompted me to order the product (Secretagogue hGH) immediately. My reward for this effort, some three weeks later, I no longer had those agonizing arthritis pains in the legs and arms. I notice a healthy enhancement throughout my entire body, and when I tell people that I will be seventy-years-old the month of February, they tell me I don’t look that old. I tell them that I owe my young looks to the wonderful Secretagogue hGH. Now they want to know how to get this wonderful product. I am telling them how!”
J.A., McCullough, PA


“Since taking Secretagogue hGH, I rarely have to get up at night for something to eat. Also, there is no longer any pain in my right hand. Another noticeable change that I may not have thought of had it not happened just a short while ago is the cracking noises when I move my head. This no longer happens. And finally, the last time I went to the credit union I still held on to the railing, but, instead of the usual right foot to first step, left foot to first step, I put my right foot to the first step, then left foot to second step all the way to the top, and then, grinning thought, 'ook what I just did!' I will be 80 years young.”
E. J., Salt Lake City, UT


“I’m almost 80 and have only used Secretagogue hGH for one month. I keep thinking that it’s a coincidence, but I have been relieved of sharp pains in my arthritic wrist and also pain in my hip.”
E. F., Jetmair,MD


“I am 62 years old and have been diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid, congestive heart failure, greatly reduced heart output down to 23%, and liver problems, as well as nightly trips to the bathroom three to four times a night, also high blood pressure. I really didn’t expect much from Secretagogue hGH but I thought I would try it and get my money back if it didn’t work. I got a six months supply because I know natural products take time. My high blood pressure is down 15 points, my energy is up, my skin is thicker and does not tear, scars and age spots are leaving, muscle tone is getting better, hair is healthier. Trips to the bathroom now are one per night. I have not had tests yet to find out about technical improvements, but I know I feel better and am looking forward to the next 3 months. THANK YOU FOR A GREAT PRODUCT!”
D. B., Edwards, FL


“I really like Secretagogue hGH, the flavor is pleasant. I think it has given me great energy. I can get a lot more done than I used to without sagging. I am 89 1/2-years-young, only getting a little tired when vacuuming and scrubbing. I think Secretagogue hGH has helped my sleep pattern. I can sleep longer during the night between bathroom trips, which were every two hours, and now sometimes 3-1/2 hours.”
E.B., Canon City, CO


“After using Secretagogue hGH for just a few weeks, I noticed my energy level had increased along with my mental clarity. In 1996, I had back surgery and was off for a year. I had started to wonder if I could keep going. That’s when along came the information on your product. God bless who created Secretagogue hGH and put a price on it that people can afford. I am 60- years-old doing what I love best, even though I was told I would never be able to work with animals again. Fooled them, dear hearts. Thanks.”
J.C.T., Cottonwood, AZ


“My experience with Secretagogue hGH is extremely positive. I was getting very concerned about feeling old and decrepit. I was having stiffness and hip pain which I tried to ignore but it got my attention when I jumped out of the chair and screamed from the sudden sharp pain in both hips and almost fell. This was the motivation for trying Secretagogue hGH. I am overjoyed with the results. The pain relief was gradual. I could still feel twinges at 3 months. In 5 months time of taking Secretagogue hGH, I have forgotten the pain and can move freely with no stiffness anywhere. I have total hip pain relief, which I attribute to adding Secretagogue hGH to my supplements.”
C. S., registered nurse, age 59

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

For just $69.99 — a lot less than a tune-up for your car — you could give your body the tune-up of a lifetime that could keep it running at peak performance. You can search the world over and not find a "secretagogue" formula that offers you so much clinically tested, medically proven rejuvenation for so very little.

For anyone over the age of 35, the prospect of taking a medically tested natural substance which offers so much promise for longevity is a health opportunity we don't want you to miss out on. That’s why we encourage you to see the amazing results for yourself without risking even one penny.

If Secretagogue hGH Plus® is not everything we say it is — and a whole lot more — you can expect a 100% refund of your purchase price upon receiving your order.

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Wouldn’t you like to enjoy your healthy,
“high-energy” days again?

Just think back to a time in your life when nothing slowed you down. Your energy was at its peak. You looked and felt great. Chances are it was in your twenties when your hGH levels were at their peak.

According to Dr. Richard Marsh, "it's really possible to regain youthful energy when your body is able to release and use the hGH it already has."

This means you CAN put a new, youthful spring in your step that can't be stopped, with the latest breakthrough in longevity medicine.

Right now, for the first time in medical history, you have an incredible option. You can now trade …

… the nursing home for the dance floor!
… immobility for the golf course!
… doctors and drugs for youthful health and energy!

You could make your life truly rich, through the use of Secretagogue hGH Plus®.

If you'd like to beat chronic fatigue, restore muscle mass, melt years of harmful fat, restore vitality and color to your hair, pump up your libido, improve the strength of your heart, regain eagle-eye vision, help normalize blood pressure, and fortify your immune system, then, I believe you and your loved ones could benefit from Secretagogue hGH Plus® .

There's never been another 100% natural substance that may help you age-proof your body. Using Secretagogue hGH Plus® could very well be the single most important thing you'll ever do for your body's health, vitality and longevity.

With so much to gain and nothing to lose, I highly recommend that you take advantage of this remarkable risk-free opportunity to change your life.

Try Secretagogue hGH Plus Risk-Free!Sincerely,

Jay White
Founder, Institute for Vibrant Living



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